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Current Campaigns

Reform to Rebuild - No Tax Hikes (2015-2016)

San Diego needs to rebuild its crumbling neighborhood infrastructure.  Simply raising taxes is NOT the solution -- as some city leaders seem to be suggesting.  The system is broken, and raising taxes to pump more money into that failed system is simply throwing good money after bad.  

We must reform the system for how we select, fund, manage and maintain our city's infrastructure.  That's why Reform San Diego is mobilizing to offer thoughtful reforms that could improve city infrastructure without tax hikes.  Because campaigns take time to fund and organize, Reform San Diego is mobilizing NOW to provide a strong counter-balance to any effort to raise taxes masquerading as an infrastructure fix.
Past Campaigns
Pension Reform - Yes on Prop B (2012)

Fair and Open Competition - Yes on Prop A

Defeat Sales Tax - No on Prop D (2010)

Strong Mayor Reform - Yes on Prop D (2010)

Managed Competition - Yes on Prop C (2006)

San Diego Citizens Budget Project (2004-2006)
Reform San Diego helped craft, qualify for the ballot, and secure passage of the landmark "Comprehensive Pension Reform" ballot initiative in 2012.  San Diego voters overwhelmingly passed this measure to call to end pension spiking abuses, switch new hires to 401(k) retirement accounts, and save taxpayers billions.  (Name of campaign: Reforming City Hall PAC)

With special deals being cut for labor unions,
Reform San Diego partnered with other reformers to craft, qualify and pass the "Fair and Open Competition" ballot initiative in 2012.  The measure bans use of discriminatory "Project Labor Agreements" that cost taxpayers more and limit competition to benefit union-only firms.  The measure overwhelmingly passed.  (Name of campaign: Reforming City Hall PAC) 

In 2010, city politicians tried to claim the only way to balance the budget was to impose a massive tax increase on San Diego's working familities.  
Reform San Diego stepped forward and help lead the campaign to defeat the sales tax. (Name of campaign: Reforming City Hall PAC) 

To enhance accountability at City Hall,
Reform San Diego helped shape and pass the ballot measure to make the Strong Mayor form of government permanent.  (Name of campaign: Reforming City Hall PAC)

In 2006,
Reform San Diego helped draft and pass the "Managed Competition" ballot initiative to open city services up to regular competitive bidding to save taxpayer monies and improve quality of services.  Voters overwhelmingly passed the measure, and competitions conducted under this reform have saved taxpayers millions.  (Name of campaign: San Diego Citizens for Accountable Government)

From 2004-2006, partnering with the Performance Institute, 
Reform San Diego helped conduct a massive research study looking into city finances.  The "San Diego Citizens Budget Project" helped uncover financial problems at the City, and included a massive voter education campaign to bring the issue to public light.  (Name of campaign: San Diego Citizens for Accountable Government)

NOTE: The Reform San Diego Committee began operation in 2004, first under the name "San Diego Citizens for Accountable Government.  In 2008, the committee name had to change to "Reforming City Hall with Carl DeMaio" to comply with rules requiring candidate-controlled committees to include the name of elected officials who direct their activities.  The committee is now known simply as "Reform San Diego." 
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