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"Reform San Diego" Re-Launches Citizens Budget Project
San Diego will see the return of a grassroots political force dedicated to keeping San Diego on a path of fiscal responsibility.  Reform San Diego is re-launching the successful "San Diego Citizens Budget Project" that helped uncover the city's financial crisis years ago.  The project is dedicated to provide ongoing citizen oversight of city finances and generate innovative ideas to improve the performance of our city government.  (Read more)

Reform to Rebuild: Better Infrastructure Without Tax Hikes
Reform San Diego will organize experts, stakeholders, and members of the public -- with the goal of generating ideas for getting San Diego better infrastructure without a tax increase.  (Read more)
Ballot Box Victories for Reform
Pension Reform (2012)
No on Sales Tax Hike (2010)
Strong Mayor (2008)
Managed Competition (2006)
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                         Building on a Grassroots Movement

Reform San Diego is the continuation and expansion of a grassroots movement in San Diego that has successfully advanced fiscal reforms at City Hall since 2003.  

We call it the "Reform Agenda" -- which includes broad-based ideas such as Managed Competition, Open Government, and Pension Reform -- to program-specific reforms such as Community-Oriented Policing or partnering with non-profits to provide after-school programs.  Put simply, there are many ideas to improve the performance of local government.  Reform San Diego is here to help build the political will to implement those ideas.
San Diegans do not want to return to the fiscally reckless practices that led to our city being dubbed "Enron-by-the-Sea." That's where Reform San Diego comes in -- to give the citizens a vehicle to get involved in advancing reform at City Hall to save taxpayer money and improve services to our neighborhoods.  

Help us advance the "Reform Agenda."  To become involved, click here.

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